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Cargo Insurance Coverage


Just about every entity that imports or exports raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods, long lead material or sells a portion of finished products abroad needs cargo insurance. The list includes, but is not limited to, manufacturers, retailers, and import and export traders. The goal when purchasing insurance coverage is to cover the financial exposure during cargo transit, keeping in mind that many carriers only maintain the minimal requirements as governed. 


Cargo insurance protects every shipment through each leg of the voyage, from the point of departure or the seller's warehouse to arrival at the consignee's warehouse. Whether the transit is by land, sea, or air, coverage is continuous and includes, if needed, related warehousing - anywhere in the world.


There are many risks associated with doing business in the global marketplace, that is why appropriate insurance is necessary to manage the risk of global transportation. 360 FS works closely with underwriters to provide flexible, customizable global import cargo insurance and transportation coverage. Whether you choose the broadest "all-risk" coverage or a tailored insurance policy built to suit individual shipments, we can handle your cargo insurance needs.



Please note that no insurance is effected on your behalf unless we received a written confirmation from your comapny.

Min, Charges Per Policy = SGD45.0 or 0.20% of the Intend Insured Amount

SGD22,500.00 (Cargo Value) x 110% x 0.20% = SGD45.00

SGD25,000.00 (Cargo Value) x 110% x 0.20% = SGD55.00

SGD50,000.00 (Cargo Value) x 110% x 0.20% = SGD110.00

Insurance Clause


Client is advised to insure their goods whilst in our custory against any losses or damages from any causes whatsoever as 360 Freight Solutions Pte Ltd liability is SGD 25.00 per shipment. Coverage should be from point of pick-up to final destination. The insurance coverage arranged by client must be extended to include 360 Freight Solutions Pte Ltd as "co-insured" or subject to "Waiver of Subrogation".

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