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Cross-Straits Shipment


We can manage your shipment from your manufacturers or suppliers to your end buyer. Manufacturers or suppliers information and document will be "Unknown" to your buyer in the importing country. 


Our Switch HBL Fee


SGD 45.00 / set 


*Conditions: Shipment from point A to B must be arranged by us

Switch HBL Fee


SGD 88.00 / set 


*If shipment is not arranged by 360 FS



Savings in freight and transhipment costs

Quicker delivery times and shorter lead times

Frees up your capital to be used more efficiently

 Air/Sea Shipment Direct To End Buyer's Port
Singapore Office

1st leg Document

Shipper = Factory

Consignee = Your Singapore Office

2nd leg Document

Shipper = Your Singapore Office

Consignee = Your End Buyer

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