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Our Services


We provides various services that caters to our clients' needs such as sea and air freight services, cross-straits, transloading, re-export and project shipments, providing flexible cargo insurance coverage as well as acting as an advisory on free trade agreement and customs clearance.

Sea Freight


360 FS provides comprehensive international ocean freight services to meet varying transit times, costs and service requirements.

Air Freight


360 FS provides comprehensive range of import and export air freight services to and from most world markets.

Cross-Straits Shipment


360 FS can manage your shipment from your manufacturers or suppliers to your end buyer.

Transhipment & Re-Export Shipment


360 FS can manage your re-export shipment within the air or sea operations without payment of cargo goods service tax (GST)

Project Shipment


360 FS can manage your Project Cargo of any shape, size and weight from any place to any where.

Free Trade Agreement


360 FS is also fully conversant with Singapore's various FTAs and can provide advise take advantage of the current and future agreements within the parameters of the legislation. 

Cargo Insurance Coverage


Cargo insurance protects every shipment through each leg of the voyage.

Custom Clearance


360 FS works with our clients to help ensure that they are fully compliant with relevant government legislation to reduce risk.

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